Steel Nozzle for X-Max

Does anyone know where the steel nozzles are kept for the Qidi X-Max, and how to install them?

Good question we may need to purchase more last time I was in the shop I didn’t see any in our current pile of supplies.

Oops. Can I print ABS with a brass nozzle?

You can if the ABS doesn’t have any additives in it. Since brass is a soft metal it will get nicked and fairly easily which causes flow problems.

Got it. Good to know. I wouldn’t think nylon would be a problem for brass in that case…

I’m going to use the PolyPrinter for the first time tomorrow. That one is ABS-safe, yes?

Yes it is basically an ABS only machine.
If you want successful prints use their slicer defaults. It is kiss slicer
Also highly highly recommend using polyprinter filament only. There is an Asmbly pink or blue roll there that you can try your print on.
Download Slicer here
Downloads (

@JoeN and @Devmani got a steel nozzle ordered

Awesome. I’ll use that next time I need to do a nylon print.

There’s an entire print head assembly already at the shop with a steel nozzle. It’s in the cabinet bin a box and it’s all black

Oh… well we ordered some more