SPECIAL Cabinet Making Class - FREE!

I’m super excited to announce a free class offering that is a bit of a combo work day and skill share! @cfstaley will be teaching cabinet making for free on 4/4/21 as an all day event where students will build the new storage cabinets for our bathrooms. This will be a high demand class so make sure to register quickly if you want to attend (and similarly, be sure to let us know ASAP if you end up not being able to make it so we can offer your spot to someone on the waitlist).

Check out the event page here and be sure you are logged in to your Neon portal to register!

If you would like to make a donation for this class, you can do so through our GoFundMe for the nonprofit transition and space improvements – NPO Fundraiser - soft launch.

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This a great opportunity to learn from @cfstaley. He does a great job of making his own cabinets. You can learn for free!

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Just two spots left in this class coming up this Sunday! This is about the closest thing to a work day we’ve had in a long time. Great opportunity to give back to the space, hone your skills, and learn something new!


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People pay money for this kind of woodworking class. If you are interested in making cabinets or learn woodworking. This is a great class that is FREE

Side note: Do we have extra SawStops (at least 2)? It would be a shame for this to get cancelled because someone accidentally set off the SawStop and we didn’t have any replacements.

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Yes. There are more spare brake cartridges in coworking if there are none left in the stewards’ cabinet. We try to keep at least two (preferably 4) spares on hand all the time.


There aren’t any left in the stewards cabinet. Is it possible to get one moved out there should someone who doesn’t have access to co working need to replace it?