Spare old circuit boards?

I’m wanting to do an art project and could use some scrap electronics/circuit boards if anybody has some they dont mind getting rid of.

@Tookys - does it matter what types? I have a few gathered, but only from simple stuff

Type doesn’t matter, the larger the better though

With sharpie for reference

I’ll take them lol,

How much would you like for them?

Free to a good home. Their destination was household hazardous waste. Where can I put them inside the space so you can find them?

You can put them over by the aquaponics tank and I’ll pick them up either this weekend or next.

Will do. Good luck with your project

A good place to get these kinds of items for an art project is the Goodwill outlet stores. Information on the Goodwill web site is not accurate, but there is better info on Google:

(Let me know if that link doesn’t work.) I couldn’t get Goodwill to answer at the phone numbers on the internet. For more info you can call the corporate office at 512.637.7100


P.S. The message board did not post the URL I entered… Maybe this one is an alternative,-97.672702,17z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x0:0xcd211456fc93594a!8m2!3d30.461874!4d-97.6715621?hl=en-US

I can drop off a small box of PCBs for you. I will leave them by the aquaponics tank as well.

thank @r1b4z01d ill put them to use.

Ill need 1 or 2 mother boards for the center of the project, so i may check out good will for a couple of them.

Just dropped them off, if you need more just let me know. I have a bunch more but they are all duplicates.

I’ve dropped mine off as well, and added to the pile on the ground to the left of the aquaponics

Well… my server’s mobo caught fire and is done for. No visual damage to the front so I will drop it off and put it in the same box that is by the plants.

I left an old MOBO, bunch of DDR3 ram and two CPUs by the plants.

Thanks, those were just what I was looking for.