Source for thin leather sheets?

I bought a flat filing cabinet for tool storage and I want to put some thin leather in it. I don’t want to spend a ton and so far the leather I’ve found is pricey (like $15 per square foot). I need 5 layers of 3x2 foot coverage to cover all the space. That’s 30 square feet. At $15 per square foot that would be $450 which is way too much for this project. I was hoping to get down below $5 per square foot but I’ll settle for felt if that isn’t achievable. I don’t need super high quality stuff, I just like the look and feel of leather over felt. I also don’t need the sheets to be continuous.

Does anyone know of a good source for this sort of thing?

I’ve found some faux leather for about $2 per square foot that I might use in place of felt actually but a real leather source would be preferred if someone knows a source.

You might try to see what you could find at Austin Creative Reuse. They sometimes have leather. It’s essentially a thrift store, though, so supplies will vary wildly over time based on donations

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I’ll give that a look today!

Tandy leather is my go to, they discount their veg tanned leather hides semi-often.

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stopped by Austin Creative Reuse and I got enough suede to cover 4 of the drawer for less than 20 and some faux leather to cover the last. Thanks!!

I think I might upgrade to this stuff for future drawer liners too: Suede Splits — Tandy Leather, Inc.

Thanks everyone!!!

I’m so glad to hear that they had something suitable! That place is just absolutely great, and when they happen to have the things you need in stock? Glorious, and so cheap