Someones print partially failed on hermes

Title. Big clumpy chunks of filament left on apollo too.

Hmm @CrispinStichart @Vmikes ?

As for the clumps, I’m baffled as to why they are happening, I ran a print on Hermes and it came out fairly clean recently. I’ll try cleaning the top of the hot end and see if that helps. I did notice that the color of white is more brownish than other white filaments.

There was a big clump right at the start and it was going to get in the way so i stopped it pretty fast and restarted it and then it ran fine for the rest of my print. It looked more clinging at the end/leftover from the previous print somehow than generated from my print

I started a print this morning (Apollo) and saw it started clumping after a bit, as @Devmani stated, a bit brownish as if it had burnt a bit. I paused the print (first layer), removed the clump and resumed. Was able to see the first layer finish properly before I had to run out.

I’m going to swing by today and do some cold pulls on both of them to see if that helps.

Just fyi @Devmani
I’ve got a print running on Hermes until ~7:30pm. And then I will start another print. I can hold off if you need to look at Hermes.


No worries @christoph_lewis I’ll do work on it tomorrow I’ve already blocked off the time.