Some way for people to organize into co-attending groups?

If there’s a way to get people to come in as cohorts — arbitrary teams of people who sign up together — that would significantly reduce our risk profile for transmission.

If one carrier went to the space five times, with eight people present each time, Austin is way better off if there were only say 12 distinct people in that story vs. 40 distinct people.

Also, a big part of our transmission impact comes because we cross social clusters in an unusual way. For instance yes lots of people come in to the Whole Foods making it a dangerous hub, but even still the customers are both (somewhat affluent) and (live nearby) while the employees are largely (youngish and poor). Hackerspace is very tightly. constrained on the (nerd) dimension, but not geographically, economically or close-connection-ly (there is a much higher number of friends-of-a-friend per hackerspace member than say for Capital Factory).

I don’t know how to orchestrate this, but perhaps people here have ideas.