Some more metal shop / MIG gas flow

Hi guys - did another session today. Will try to keep the questions short. Really appreciate the assistance.

  1. I must be doing something wrong. I opened the MIG gas a turn, the ball went up exactly to the arrow, and then went back down to zero and I couldn’t get it to move again ever. Same as last time. Didn’t change even when I turned the MIG machine on / off. Maybe that’s what’s supposed to happen? Is the ball supposed to stay up, floating?

  2. Any idea if there are collet wrenches for the die grinders anywhere? Do people bring their own? I couldn’t find any.

  3. As I turn the plasma cutter knob clockwise, the LED number goes down. I expected it to go up (“higher power”). Which way is higher power?

  4. I am getting quite a bit of slag on the bottom of my cuts (see pic). Any suggestions to reduce the slag? I tried lowering power / cutting faster, but didn’t get much difference.

  5. After welding/cutting, do you guys ever blow air / use water or anything to cool parts? Maybe I just need to be patient and budget 20 minutes before leaving to allow parts to be cool enough to transport?

Thanks again everyone.

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It’s only supposed to go back up when you pull the trigger.

The collet wrenches are in the box that’s in the drawer with the air tools, and there are crescents in the red tool box that u can use

Well, that explains it. In retrospect, I guess it makes sense, since gas wouldn’t be flowing all the time. Appreciate the novice help. Thanks!

The lcd screen on the plasma is complete gibberish. It is a 50amp unit. I would only pay attention to how far you turn the knob. You can get dross dialed out on a cnc plasma cutter by going with less power or faster hand speed or both.

thanks guys!