Some comfort for our outdoors area

Hi, hackers,
We’re working on getting the outdoors of ATXHS a bit more comfortable, to give us space to be mask-less, eat lunches and relax. We’re checking with our landlords on what the limitations might be of structures we can put outdoors. @RDChilders A group is forming to do some brainstorming and building.
Right now the team includes @JoeN @Stephen-L-M @RDChilders and Mollie (still joining Discourse). Who else wants in*?

*As always, actual collaborative work is most helpful, next in line supportive comments, miles less helpful in terms of getting project going is “hey you should” comments, even further beyond that out where the atmosphere ends and the air is no longer breathable = two months from now “grump grump, well, you should have done…” comments. :confused: First option also most fun. :slight_smile:

So far some of the options discussed include:

I like the two-person benches. Some kind of shade would be great, too.


Maybe those misting things to get us through the dog days.


Man working out in my garage today, I was just thinking about those misting fans! That would be fantastic!

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I was picturing something like this, on the east side of the building between the coworking truck bay and the transformer. The 55 gal barrels of water keep it from blowing away in high winds.

That be cool, but I’m not sure we’d be able to convince the landlord to make it a permanent fixture.

Perhaps, perhaps not. I don’t know.

It’s not permanent, and given the exceptional times, they might allow it.

The ones they rent for events are durable but expensive, though. And someone might drive up, pack it in, and steal it if was valuable and not permanent.

@RDChilders is in conversation with the landlord but may be having trouble with his login here!