Some big wood shaper tools for sale, and others

I met Cliff Scott today, a lifetime cabinetmaker from Austin who is gradually retiring.

He’s selling some of the tools he’s built and acquired over his career, including some big shaping tools that he used for building drums. You can see some of them in this video: Brass Ball Drums (Texas Country Reporter) - YouTube

He’s also selling a 24" lathe that he’s modified with some milling attachments, I didn’t get to see it but he promised to send me updates as he gets his machinery ready to sell. Probably some other tools, as he clears out his old shop in Buda and brings the tools home.

Figured I’d help him advertise a bit. Really friendly guy, wealth of knowledge from a lifetime of working with wood. I’ll post any updates I get from him in this thread. If the shaping tools in that video seem interesting to anyone let me know, I can put you in touch.

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Any chance he has a 16" jointer?

@Jon I wonder if he’d like to guide us in building cabinets for the space?

LOL! I watched the video … never mind. :joy:


He looks like a super cool guy. Definitely keep us posted on tools he’s selling and if you feel so inclined to plant a bug in his ear about the potential to donate equipment to Asmbly we can provide a receipt for tax purposes :awesome:

I’d love to meet him and see what else he might looking to part with.

@JennChilds @CLeininger I’ve contacted him to ask to share his contact info with you.

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