So what's the protocol when an instructor doesn't show up?

So there’s three of us here for a class on the blue laser but none of us are the instuctor. So what do we do?

And FWIW, out of my first thee classes this is the second time this has happened. I’m not mad; I understand the instructors are volunteers. But it seems that something isn’t working as well as it could.

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Sorry this happened. We are striving to make the classes reliable. That reminded me to check the class schedule just in case I was that person.

So what happens now?
Three of us paid for a class that we weren’t able to take.
How do we go about getting rescheduled?
Who has the authority and ability so sort this out?

@wynd will coordinate with @mcmancuso (Instructor) and you all to schedule a class that works for all of you. If for some reason it doesn’t get rescheduled your fees will be refunded.


I’m so sorry this has happened twice to you @scottpig :disappointed: it’s not the impression we want to give new members. @mcmancuso is one of our most reliable instructors but got caught up with closing on a house last night and totally slipped. He said he can make it up next Thursday if that works for people. I’ll send an email chain to those affected with him included.

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