Small work day - Sat 6/5 starting at 1p

We’re getting real serious about cleaning the space out and need help getting there!

Join me this Saturday to fill up our dumpster at the space and load up cars with items to take to recycling

There are a lot of items we need to take to recycling that can’t go into the streamline bin we have at the space (electronics, batteries, etc). I have an appt booked for Austin’s Recycle & Reuse Center for 4:00p so hoping to get as much down there as possible. If we end up with more than one car load and someone else is willing to drive a load as well, we should be able to make another booking or maybe get away with caravaning another car into the one appt.

Let me know if you can make it! With even just a handful of people we can make short work of it and make some good strides in cleaning up the space.

FYI for anyone planning to meet up for this, I’m running a little late. Should be there in about 15.

Big shoutout to @jamesfreeman for the massive amounts of dumpster filling and recycling runs. The classroom is all cleaned out and I think only one chair remains for throwing in the dumpster (found a tattered one in electronics and replaced it with one in better condition, bad one labeled for dump in 3D printing area). Thank you @cfstaley, @dash3811, and @torchedguitar for helping as well! It’s like night and day in there.