Small CNC jigging

I was looking at the Laguna IQ yesterday and it looks like it was configured to work with dowels or dogs for jigging. Who did that work and can you share the file used to cut that board?

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I have no problem sharing the file, but it’s in Fusion 360.

I can export to various formats. Which one would you like?

I use Fusion, a f3d or dxf will be fine.

Bumping, I would like to experiment with this over the weekend.

Can we get this file on the IQs Fusion /Autodesk account?

Sorry, needed to get my computer that runs Fusion 360 put back together.

Nothing I do let’s me upload. I see if I can send it to you by DM.

Edit: Nope. Can’t upload to there either. Honestly, I’m completely stuck. I’ve got no way to get you that file, easily. If you DM me an email address I can send it to you directly.

Do you have the coordinates you used for homing each board?

The Fusion file is one slat and the origin doesn’t seem to match the machine’s origin.

The little Laguna has 4 slats. How could all of those match the machine origin?

In addition, the machine origin isn’t particularly important, but the alignment of the bolt holes is crucial.

Also, there will always be some error since the aluminum slots as well as the bolts are not machined to any particular precision.

The holes should be designed off the machine origin. This makes it easier to usein multiple softwares, and makes it much easier to repeat the holes when the spoilboard is replaced.

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I disagree. If the dog holes are cut once the spoil board is in place the holes should be in the exact same place every time. They’re of less use if they’re not reliable and reproducible.

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Ah, I see. People wanted this as an operation after the slats were installed.

However, I stand by my statement about insufficient accuracy. The bolt holes underneath the slats are simply drilled through what appears to be the base particleboard. There is no fixed metal attachment relative to a machine datum–the wood changes size, those bolts loosen over time with vibration and things shift.

When I replaced the slats, 5 of the bolts were missing nuts. I have added lock washers to everything, but that doesn’t help that, at the end of the day, these are wood bolted on wood and subject to all the issues therein.

Thanks for the critiques, though. This is the first time I’ve ever done a slat spoilboard replacement like that. I also had a comment that I should have dimensioned everything in mm.

I don’t use the IQ for small pieces because I’m so confident with the Swift’s bench dog holes.

I would like to see the IQ be as reliable and have the bench dogs interchangeable between the two. I’ll volunteer some time to make that happen.