Small CNC dust collection plugged often

Can we add a workday item to address the small CNC dust collection? I am willing to implement any fix.

About 2 out of the last 3 times I have used the small CNC, the dust collector is plugged up. It plugs up right where the hose attaches to the dust collector. I have now made a habit of checking it and cleaning it out before I use it.

Today it plugged up while I was routing out a pocket which is not ideal. The chips seemed normal to me, and were not stringy or anything.

This is not good for the air, my cut, my bit, and my cleanup time :slight_smile:

Maybe the hose just needs to have a smoother entry, or maybe we just need to cutout the ribs on the dust collector port…


That is frustrating. Thank you for posting about. I’ll take a look this morning to see what kind of fixes are on the table

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I think we can shorten the down pipe at the bottom to decrease the droop of the flexible hose by the dc. The hose probably could be replaced. The hose has some weird kinks in it. I think we can shorten the height of the upper joint as well.



That second yep was in there just to satisfy the six character requirement of this app.:grin:


Thanks @JoeN , I will shorten that hose up the next time I use the machine and see how that works!

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I replaced the hose with a new one. The old one was pretty well deformed in the area that was clogging.


Thank you @Snestle

Also the new hose with the better angle for flow looks great. We shall see if we need to do more.

Thanks Shane :heart_eyes:

The support rod for the dust bag needs a 2nd machine screw and nut. If someone has the time. Please make it happen. Thanks in advance. You can can kind of see the rod in the top left of the pic above

Thanks @Snestle !

I have a package of small machine screws I will bring to fix the dust collector next time I am in.

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I was cutting something at the space and added some machine screws