Slab pith question

Good morning makers!

I’m prepping some bookmatched Post Oak slabs (shoutout @jamesfreeman for flattening them for us) for a console table and wanted to get some opinions on what to do (if anything) with the pith on one of them.

You can see on the left slab the pith outlined in green, maybe 1/2" to the bottom of the pith, 5/8" or so across.

We try to build our pieces to last for generations, so we’re aiming for as stable as possible. Is the recommended route to rip the pith out and glue back up (which will obviously alter the bookmatch) or is this a thing that I’m overthinking (as per usual)?

The right slab seems to be fine.

We don’t typically work with a lot of slabs so we thought we’d tap the more experienced minds of ASMBLY for some help. Thanks, y’all!

Also, I’m woefully incompetent at posting photos on this forum, so if the pics don’t upload please give a shout and I’ll try-try-try again