Skin safe finishes for wooden jewelry?

I’ve found some cool looking finishes here in other threads, but i was wondering if anyone has finishes they like specifically for like 3mm plywood jewelry?
I’m trying to keep them as natural looking as possible, but a tinted finish might also be nice, i mainly want to avoid a very heavy gloss on a particular piece.

Hmm – I find myself recommending this finish left and right, and at the risk of sounding like a paid shill the first thing that comes to mind is Osmo Polyx, although any hardwax oil would probably be the same. Osmo comes in just one or two tints, if I remember right, and the effect really highlights the natural look of the wood without any major coloring. They also have a glossy or a matte finish, and I tend to like the matte more. Rubio has a lot more color options, and has a similarly matte finish.

I haven’t investigated the skin safeness, but these finishes are made of all natural waxes and oils and I think can be used on kitchen countertops and the like, so I wouldn’t imaging they’re super toxic.

Anyways, just my 2 cents

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nice, thanks, yeah this stuff looks ideal, and it looks like they have a satin finish which may be the sweet spot for this piece

A couple of coats of Rubio can get you to a satin finish, with a little bit of polishing. They also have a secondary finish, and yes, it comes in many colors. Woodcraft has sample bottles for $5 in 20-30 colors. Like Osmo, it is a hard wax/ oil finish. Both companies have foodsafe versions. Don’t worry about getting the accelerator for Rubio. The other benefit is that you can sand scratches out at a later date, and reapply finish. Repair is easy peasy.

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The other option might be to just go with all-natural finishes, nothing fancy. You can get “Tried & True” brand beeswax and linseed oil finishes at Woodcraft. If you get linseed oil, tung oil, or even shellac from any other brand or any major supplier (like Ace or Home Depot) you’re likely to find drying agents them which may or may not give off harmful fumes for some time. Mixing your own shellac is easy and rewarding, many online retailers sell flakes and you just stir them into some alcohol like Everclear. Buff it out with the tiniest amount of beeswax or carnauba wax and you’ll get a glossy, natural, easily repairable finish.

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gonna give the tinted rubio a go for sure then

Post some pictures of your finished work!

i’ll have to check those out for sure, i do like the idea of mixing my own as i intend to work on a variety of projects that will probably call for different finishes