Sink dripping and filling up

I noticed the sink in the woodshop was dripping on Sunday and tonight it had filled up considerably. I played with the handles but couldn’t stop the drip. It also looks like the ac system drains into there. So it could be there.

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Faucet has dripped for years. Sink filter was filled with sediment. No big deal.

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AC drains do indeed drip into there, and when the door’s been open and let warm, humid air in, they can produce a steady stream of water until the air is dried out. It can be a surprisingly high rate of flow in that case.

But there’s not a failure mode where a lot of condensate flow will be observed. There’s nothing to watch out for there. The only case would be if you vac out a clogged line, it will gush the backed-up water for a minute before returning to normal, but that is not something you’d ever encounter walking by.

The sink had half an inch of ancient sawdust in it. That’s what clogged it. Pretty easy to reach into the water and pull it out. Drain started working as it should. I had to clean it out a few times over 5 minutes. If a sink is not draining, the running water is not the problem…