Silver thing behind tarkin vibrating

Hi this silver thing with a bunch of heat transfer fins behind tarkin is vibrating itself into a corner into tarkin. I’ve positioned it carefully so it’s no longer doing that/the tension on the tubes its attached to keeps it from hitting it for now but I’d expect it to drift again over time, not sure what the proper position is.

The laser nozzle head also seems to be loose, i noticed when i was focusing. I have not tightened it, i left it alone.

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Its also squeaking a bit when changing directions.

The silver thing is the air pump for the air assit. It will vibrate around.

Its vibrating against the machine hard enough you can feel it through the machine which probably isnt good while cutting though? Either way if theres no proper position i moved it so its not against the machine for now.

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Seems like something that might be worth having a low profile foot frame of some sort to prevent it from vibrating against the machine.

Those pumps love to walk around. A neoprene mat might help for now. It’s not actually created a problem when it walks into the frame, but it does get louder.

We’d like to plumb lines from the shop’s air system there on work day, there’s a line that ends in the ceiling that is capped off.

Best solution I’ve seen and used is suspension.
Once I used a rubber strap and another time a leather strip.
In either case there was no vibration translated and it didn’t migrate anywhere.


Also repeating that someone might want to check the nozzle- is it supposed to rotate? Seems loose.

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It’s not supposed to be loose, you can try to gently tighten it. But try not to turn so hard that it turns the lens barrel it screws into. The barrel can rotate except it’s held in by a clamp screw that I keep tight and it would be best if no one loosens or tightens that clamp screw