Should I stop the print

Hey I don’t use these machines since unlike the laser I can just leave mine running and not worry about my building. Someone is printing a mask on the poly printer and the left side is not working out at all. It might still be usable but most likely it would be more work I can stop the thing now and save some filament but I can’t find anywhere if that is what I should do. Also the person who is printing this Logan didn’t leave a number to let him know if his print messes up and he could make the call. Just curious what to do.

Cancel it.

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Thanks for catching this! And whoever pulled my number and texted me. Y’all are great!!

You are welcome. It was me. Like I said I live really close. I waited around for only 20 minutes, but I came back as soon as I saw your message. I was doing yard work and I would much rather tell a robot what to do so it worked out.