Shorter Dumpster?

I was helping DannyM take out sawdust from an overfull collector today, and one of the things I noticed is that our dumpster is just really hard to use if you aren’t 6 foot+ tall.

Could we get a smaller dumpster like our neighbors have? I suspect the fact that the neighbor’s dumpster is so much shorter is part of the reason why people from our space are using it.

Ours is taller because it’s more capacity. And we need it. We’d take up 2 of the short ones.

While we do unquestionably need the capacity of the current dumpster, @buzmeg, your point is also valid. I am barely able to lift the lid on our dumpster.

I struggle as well. I try to take a long stick with me. That only helps with the lid. Lifting full trash cans can still be a chore.

Make it easy. The challenge to empty the trash (for reason noted above) is a good reason to make it easier to do so. Maybe encourage dust collector trash in the smaller one?

Small(er) members pay dues too :heart_eyes:

Let’s help em out. Get another bin and it might ratchet down the complaints about people failing to take out the trash.

I added a task onto the list to replace the short piece of wood on the dumpster key with a long enough stick to lift the lid.

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We appreciate the effort Danny but you forgot to include the longer legs people need to lift the trash INTO the dumpster.

Let’s put “longer legs” on the list too.

Some dumpsters have a sliding door on the side, allowing easy access, at least when not on the full side. That would also require a second lock.

Maybe someone can build a set of steps to leave by the dumpster?

thought #1 is that I’m 5’4" but I’ve kind of figured out how to open the lid by standing with one foot in that side gutter that the forklift uses to pick them up. emptying the bins into the dumpster itself isn’t an issue for me for some reason, but that’s going to vary from person to person – I personally grasp the bottom of the bin with one hand and lift the entire thing over my head.

thought #2 is that a single 2x8 and a handful of screws can become a basic two-step stepstool in like 20 minutes of work. I’d rather just make it myself than talk about it, but I’m one-armed for the foreseeable future so I’m sadly all talk at the moment.

I am usually taking out a couple bins of trash on the mornings when I go and I do not really mind if those that can not easily take out the trash would sweep or clean in some other way so that I am not sweeping and taking out all the trash. If you can’t take out the trash there are other cleaning tasks that I am sure you can do. Leave the trash in a place where it can be seen and I am sure someone can take it out. It would be nice if every area was clean and then I and other people who are able just took out all the trash. This has never been the case. I don’t really go around cleaning all the areas, but if I see a can that needs to be emptied I will take it.

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I second this. I usually make it a point to gather all the trash cans while I’m there, and empty all of them. I don’t mind taking out the trash, including slightly heavier cans. I try to make it a point to check the dust collectors as well, but I know those generally fill up quicker.

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