Shop entry issues

Open path is offline for lobby door. Key fob not opening shop door. Please advise asap.

Not working again. Fob still won’t let me through the shop door.

And just worked. Why is this so intermittent for me? Anyone else having this issue?

Its because of the issues with the network. It did it to me last night. Just have to keep trying it

Great; that makes me feel significantly less crazy

I think you tripped over two different problems, sorry about the awkward timing coincidence.

OpenPath should have worked for you - I just checked your user record, and your mobile credential was created and activated before the internet connection went all to hell. I would have expected it to be synced and working from local cache today. When you say “it just worked” – do you mean the OpenPath door or your old key fob?

The keyfob not working was probably due to tinkering trying to get things back online.

I think everything’s stable at the moment - we successfully worked around the broken part. I’ll check in more detail this weekend, unless another showstopper turns up before then.

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I was wondering about whether network problems would be a continuous issue for OP. Awesome to hear it stores a local cache so that shouldn’t be much of an issue once someone is active in the system long enough to make it into the local cache. Thanks for all your hard work on this @Jon!

I confirmed it by accident - when I set up the coworking door I completed all my testing without noticing I forgot to plug in the network cable because my credentials were cached in the controller from bench testing :slight_smile:

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Hey Jon, thanks for your work on this. Sorry for my late reply. I was referring to open path when I wrote “it just worked” My fob seems DOA