Shelves installed

I attached the shelves. We still need outlets, both in the wall and in the benches.


Thanks! It’ll be nice having more bench space.

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…and the toolbox


I added outlets to the west bench. You may also notice that the scope has grown a few more buttons - this is a 500MHz, 4 channel scope that was just donated - a big improvement over the 2-channel, 100MHz scope that was here!

This brings us to 3, 4-channel scopes, with the slowest being the 150MHz tek on the microscope bench.

There’s also a 4-output power supply, currently sitting on the toolbox, and a logic analyzer I haven’t brought in yet. I’m not sure exactly where I’ll put either of those. The PS only has outputs on the rear, so will need cables and binding posts or something.


I’ve been in need of a logic analyzer for ages! That’s great.

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The agilent scope has logic analyzer capabilities; have you tried it?

If curious, the new analyzer is a TLA5204B - so 136 channel and 2GHz.

I had no idea. I need to spend some time getting to know that equipment.

Thanks for all your work on this @mark999 , it looks fantastic!!!

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Power supply and logic analyzer. I attached cables to the supply but they end in bare wire at the moment - no binding posts or anything.