Sheet metal brake/shear use?

Hello everyone, I’ve seen there is a sheet metal brake and shear combo in the metal shop, I was wondering if there’s a specific class I need to take before being allowed to use it?


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Unfortunately that’s all rather up in the air. We should be getting the BSR combo onto a stand finally soon. We were intending to cover it in a required class, but that class doesn’t exist yet and we don’t have anyone to teach it. Do you have much experience with a brake and shear?

This would be nice for me. How big is the brake?

52" Dayton Sheet Metal Machine - Asmbly Wiki

<3 I look forward to getting to play with it sometime… and it’s a roller. <3

Hi Ethan, I’ve used shears and brakes plenty before so I am comfortable using them, but I am by no means an expert. I’ve only used a roller once, and it has been a long time, so I wouldn’t mind some training on that part of it.