Sharpening a block plane

Are there any community tools available at Asmbly that would help with sharpening a block plane?

I have a new tool that might need sharpening and I’m trying to avoid buying angle guides, a granite slab, and waterstones

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I’ve got that stuff that I can bring in for you to use when ever we can meet up. I even have a cheap honing guide you can have.

There’s some stones at the space that you can use as well. No angle guides that I’ve seen though.

Thanks. I’ve got Charles giving me a crash course next week. After that I will reassess the need to buy anything.

We have some sharpening items located in the storage are under the Artisan Bench. This includes diamond plates and a hong guide. There is an angle guide in the plastic bin of misc. lathe tools on the lathe cabinet. Better organization for that cabinet is coming.