Shark CNC upgrade

My attempt to use the Shark May 29 did not go well. I have consulted with Joe Ngo about the current lack of a rigid mount / frame. I have to claim some responsibility for the current situation since I partially assembled the parts Joe left but the geometry of the parts left much to be desired and I could not get much torque on critical nuts and bolts. As a consequence, there is excessive movement in the mount and router to achieve anything close to an accurate part. I’d consider it red tagged until further notice.

That said, there has been a prior discussion to install a new spindle and more rigid gantry. This requires installation of 220v power to the unit and probably an associated upgrade to the dust collection to both the shark and the panel saw. I am happy to participate in both projects. That said…

There are parts Joe will need to design and machine. Joe is frequently busy so maybe someone could step in and volunteer to do the machining. I am happy to do the assembly.

I do not know at this time if we have the 1/2 " aluminum plate required but I’d like to put it out there that there should be a budget of maybe $350 - $450 for aluminum and misc hardware.

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Thanks for putting this proposal forward @David78737. I just updated the Skedda to show it is currently down.

What’s up with the shark? Is it still red-tagged?

The Shark HD3 series is red tagged waiting for new gantry parts Joe wants to fabricate out of aluminum. The factory parts are ABS plastic and the geometry allow excessive play (.02" or more) the the tool path. The machine was, is, not robust and sufficiently rigid to produce consistent parts.

The fabrication of new parts requires a set of new part files which either I or Joe will produce. Eric P. has offered to machine the new parts. What may be holding that up is redesign of the gantry to accommodate a new VFD spindle and including dust collection and 220v power to that station. A lot of moving parts.

Hope that helps

David Richardson

Any kind of timeline for when this will be up and running again?

David, Eric, I recently met to plan out how to upgrade the Shark cnc. We are moving to linear rails, and reworking the z axis. The spindle is being reworked from hdpe to milled aluminum. The al is much stronger and allows us to get less cantilever. The lead screw is being replaced with a ball screw. The ball screw will have more accuracy and less flex than the lead screw with anti backlash nut.

David is going to design the parts. David is waiting on me to get some measurements so he can finish the design. I will do a test cut out of plastic prior to moving to metal. Eric will cnc machine the parts. There will be some trial and error. This process might go beautifully, it might take a while.

Nudge nudge @JoeN and @EricP … I’ve seen work done on this; do you have any updates to share? How’s the project going?

It has slowed a bit. I have been dealing with something else that I need to get done. @EricP got some aluminum from me and he is going to make some spacer parts and the backplate. Also I can’t thank @David78737 enough for working on the project. I will be done with my work thing next week and will start having more bandwidth this upcoming month to try to wrap it up with the team.

As @JoeN said I got the stock for the linear rail spacers as well as the main y axis plate. Next step is to square and dimension that stock to size before we drill all the holes. Let me know if anyone would be interested in helping with that. It would involve using the Rong Fu mill.
Here is a pic of a mock up of the new rail system and y axis plate

Just because I’m a contrarian I want to Rite Fu, but if all you got is the Rong Fu… Okay.

Is there a downside to using the Rung Fu? I always wanted to try Rong Fu with fried toe foo but the smell is oofu.

I have appointment Thursday am but available otherwise.

Cool, lets try to get something set up for next week,
by the way I am using .5in nominal plate for the spacers and main y axis plate once machined square they will probably be around .45in. Can you calculate the required thickness of the spindle mount plate to handle the ball screw. I have 1in thick plate or 1.25 in plate on hand we can use for the spindle mouint plate.

I am busy Friday am and have flexible schedule rest of the week. I can work anything in easily.

I’ll get you those dimensions later today

I’m in metric so I adjusted to make calculations easier. It appears the stock you have is adequate. I will send dimensioned aspire file as vcarve file to you via gmail. I don’t see where to attach a file on this server.

@David78737 @JoeN and I worked on the shark this past Monday.
We were able to square up/dimension most of our stock that we need for the build. Next step is to finalize the locations for everything then i will show @David78737 how to conversationally program the Tormach to drill all the holes etc in the parts.

Approx timeline to completion is about 3weeks.

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I had to leave early. The finished parts look great!

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We machined in some reference surfaces so can do some cnc drilling in the near future.

Hey I am ready this week or next to drill holes. I’ll look at Eric’s notes to map them out. Don’t think it will take long but probably want you both to sign off on the plans. What is you’re availability?

@David78737 I will leave the index drill bits in the Tormach case for you. I have ordered a 1/4" reamer. It will be here sometime this week.

How is the Shark coming along? Thank you guys for working on this and giving detailed updates and pictures here!