Shaper Origin New Accessories and Software

Hello Shaper Origin Users and Potential Users,

We have some new items available in the Shaper Origin storage locker:

Shaper Plate (stored in a cloth bag) LINK
Great for inlays, hardware and details
Plate includes clamps and other hardware
Do Not Use double sided tape on the plate
Please read the instruction booklet and watch the Shaper video before use

Collet Set (located in the smallest systainer I have seen)
Five collets 1/8", 1/4", 3mm, 6mm, 8mm - marked with size
Due to the selection of collets please be sure you are using the correct collet for your bit

Two Week Trial Run of Auto Pass - expires on August 17, 2023 Auto Pass Link
With Auto Pass you set the final depth of your cut and the software divides the cut into manageable vertical steps that are seamless to the user. Without the feature you have to stop at each plunge step and manually reprogram the bit depth. My tests this morning showed a marked speed improvement when making deep cuts. The last cut is a full depth finishing cut that leaves a clean route. One caution is this does not work with a Pocket Cut. My work around is to set the Auto Pass cut on or inside the line then repeat the Auto Pass cut with one or more increasing inner offset cuts to clear out the rest of the material. This is still faster than manually setting each step with a pocket cut and is less error prone.

If anyone is interested in demonstrations I can be on site most of the afternoon this weekend - 8/5 and 8/6.


And did we jump on the Shaper Trace accessory on Kickstarter?

For those who need vector help it’d be easy tracing.

I think I’m gonna end up buying trace, apparently it’s independent of the shaper itself so it can just generate files which has the potential to save a good amount of time

Same here, I had hands-on with Trace at AWFS last month and it performs as advertised.

Me too, I’m in the Kickstarter … I was asking for the space itself.

Can’t remember the details on whether it was purchased for the space. We did purchase several Shaper things recently and thought there was something software side. @David should be in the know. I might be thinking of the multipass feature.

We recently purchased a collet set, some replacement bits and the Shaper Plate. Trace seems to be tied to your phone so I am not sure if there can be an Asmbly purchase of the Trace.

It’s unclear from the documentation so far whether you’re paying for trace-the-thing, trace-the-app, or trace-the-feature; I’m not opposed to buying it for the asmbly shaper account, but I’d like to give it a try and see if a shared account is workable before doing so.

It might make sense to put it on a cheapie android tablet for folks to use in the shop.

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Recently I cut a bunch of mortise and tenons.
AutoPass made the start-to-finish process a breeze.
Just continue around and the bit ramps down with each pass.

It shortens the workflow and reduces error on multi-pass cuts.

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You get the trace thing and the app, you don’t need the machine for it at all.

I don’t have a shaper nor do I have any plans on buying one but this technology is wild and can save a lot of time going from a sketch to a vector

I agree with that assessment. We cut part of the chair using Auto Pass and and other part using manually calculated passes. The difference is not only Auto Pass is faster we also found that that the cuts were of better quality. Without Auto Pass on 1.25" thick material we would make one pass at X depth then stop routing and reset the depth to 2X and repeat over six passes adding X to each pass. Very difficult to keep track of and verify that you have the correct depth. We ended up doing air cuts a couple of times and a few overly deep cuts that we stopped after a few inches. This is totally worth the $199.


But I only truly appreciated the value after using AutoPass.
Prior to that, it seemed “potentially valuable”.
After using it, you know the value.

@David I thought the plan was to use the trial for AutoPass to confirm its usefulness, then Asmbly purchases on confirmation. Am I misremembering that or confusing it with a different Shaper software feature we discussed?

Just to be clear, we used the free trial (which has now expired) for the chair and did not purchase the $199 add-on. If Asmbly wishes to purchase Auto Pass then I believe it is worth the investment as we only have one Shaper Origin and if someone can save time during a cut in can free up the machine sooner for another user. Auto Pass is not a critical need item where the lack of the software stops one from using the Shaper Origin.

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