Sew Social is this coming Wednesday 3/27 at 7pm in textiles

We are once again coming up on the 4th Wednesday of the month, and that means it’s time for the Sew Social! Bring whatever you’ve got going, and work on it while you spend some time with your fellow makers

7 pm
Textiles shop

Looking forward to seeing you there!


This is tonight!

I had to miss this one but want to be there and work on a leather project next time.

I’m also testing a cookie recipe to bring along, but may need everyone to sign a waiver first…

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I made the gochujang cookies that Ashley brought us at my work and they were a huge hit. Since then I’ve been bringing in strange combination cookies every other week! Today was cornflake cookies and black sesame rice krispie treats


Now that’s experimentation! All I’m doing is working pistachios into the recipe :smiley:

Speaking of which, I feel like I should warn folks with nut allergies about bringing that in… Does anyone know if it’s been a problem in the past?