Sept 1 woodshop class full?

It looks like next week’s class with @Joshcross on Sept 1st the facility tour is full but there is a spot open for the woodshop safety class. I have a new member joining and was hoping to get them into next week’s classes. Thought I’d double check if they both might be open for another participant?

On second thought, is the facility tour a requirment like the woodshop safety class is?

Facility tour is a requirment for membership, but not for Woodshop safety.

Thanks Charlie! If they did the woodshop safety class next Tuesday and the facility tour the following week, will they be allowed to use the woodshop in between?

No, go ahead and sign him up for the woodshop safety , they will be able to fit into the safety tour no problem.

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Yea, go ahead and add that person to both. It shouldn’t be a problem.

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Thanks! He’s on the waitlist for facility tour and booked for woodshop safety.