Segmented ring cutting jig (for turning)

Hi all. As I was helping clean last weekend, I noticed we have a “wedgie” style table saw jig for cutting segmented rings. If anyone has used it recently, do you know whether we have any wedges as well?

I don’t mind cutting some out on the laser (although I guess the CNC would be preferable for this purpose) if necessary. Just thought I’d check before setting off on that project.

@Bob has used the segment cutting sled before. He should be familiar with it. It’s an older sled, so you’ll want to verify cuts on the new saw. If it rides on the fence and not a miter slot, it should be okay.

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There are two sleds for segments. One by the lathes, you need a template angle to set it. The one by the table saw sleds is mine. It uses the wedge itself. There are two with it. One for 10 and one for 12 segment rings. Feel free to use it. Let me know if you have questions.

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Excellent, thank you both for the replies!

@Bob, I appreciate the offer – might have to take you up on it after a few test runs :smiley:

In the storage cabinets near the wood lathes the bottom drawer has a set of wedges.

Excellent – thanks!

I spent a bit of time this evening making a clamping jig for segmented rings. I’ll add finish and test it out before making a separate post about it for everyone.

(probably should’ve checked whether we already have a jig like that… oh well)

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Can someone post a picture of what you’re talking about, I’m clueless and need to see what a “Segmented ring cutting jig (for turning)” is. TIA.


Sure thing: I don’t have pics of the ones we have in the shop but here’s one from YouTube – they’re table saw sleds like this:

(it sounds like we have a couple of slightly different versions in the shop)

They’re not absolutely necessary because you can just cut ring segments on the miter or table saw anyway, but the jigs make it faster and more accurate, as usual. The original “wedgie sled” design is from here but this is a shorter explanation of how they work:

The clamping jig I referred to in my previous reply is like this:


Thank you, they’re are special and unique.