Seeking Arduino design and programming help

Good evening atxHX,

I am looking for assistance (or for hire) in Arduino circuit design and programming for a humidor.

Short list

  • Monitor internal and external temperature and humidity
    ** Log at intervals to a web server (via wifi)
  • Control LED lighting
  • Log when humidor is opened and closed
  • Control of TEC cooling

Please let me know if you are interested or can point me to a group.


Usually when wanting something to start talking over wifi I recommend using a raspberry PI.

You could look at the raspberry PI zero with the Pimoroni Enviro+ board.

A few mods to access some new pins to control the lights and sense the door is easy enough.

If your trying to design something as a marketable product you’d probably want to look at using the esp8266 boards. I havent used them myself before but I’ve heard good things about their wireless and data collection capabilities. ->

Thanks for the reply James.

Yes I am planning on making this into a marketable product. The current build is using Adafruit’s HUZZAH ESP8266 WIFI Feather.

Sadly I cant help with board design. I can do some basic programming for functional prototypes but nothing to put to market.

Let me know if I can lend a hand. I’m concerned about needing to drill a whole into the humadoir to mount the external sensor. Or if that’s not a big concern.

I am certainly willing to lend a hand with either. Since you’re making a product, and it’s part of what I do as a professional, it would have to be a paid gig.

What you want is fairly straight forward – feel free to reach out to me here, or in email: