SD Card Reader/CR-10S working?

I tried to do a print on the CR-10S this morning, but couldn’t find an SD card reader to load my GCODE. I will try again this afternoon- is it worth picking up an external card reader to leave in the lab first? Or do most people use USB flash drives when bringing in an external print?

Also, I wanted to use the CR-10S but it didn’t look like it was turned on. Is it working?

Also, the Octoprint login has changed since my last time using the printers. What is it now?

Hmm I think we should get a reader hub that gets attached near the computer so it doesn’t walk away

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I got one that I left by the Post-Its beside the computer.

How about the new password?

@Devmani did something change here? Where are members who have been trained on the machines able to reference info like this?

(edited to remove credentials – this forum is completely open to the web)

Thanks @devmani!

That was changed, and where should it be? Typically I’m not too fond of passwords available in publicly accessible locations

Right, but it needs to be somewhere members can reference, particularly those who have taken the course and we need to communicate to those folks when credentials change. In terms of where, I would think the 3DP teacher/stewards would be the best at determining that :slight_smile:

Is there a way to have personal octoprint accounts gain permission to access the machines? That might be easier than maintaining a global login for everyone