Scrap Cart Management

The scrap cart can be a treasure trove or a garbage bin. The nice plywood is great for another user, but is taking up a huge amount of the cart. Please cut it down next time. Also if you are putting in the tiniest of scraps. You should use the dumpster. We all have different ideas of the what is too small of a board to save. Please use your judgement.

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A day or two before that, I saw someone take their time to clean the entire cart up. It wouldn’t have held that plywood before. Look behind it, and you can see how clean it was.


Thank you to whoever cleaned it beforehand

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I have a suggestion, how do y’all feel about a small box for setting aside shims for each other? I find myself throwing away shims ive made and it can be tedious to make them every time you need the planing jig. I could bring an old shoebox in for them if you’re cool with that.

That is a great idea!

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I think people are hesitant to throw things away, because they believe they can be of value to others. This usually leads to excessive “scrap.” I believe sorting different materials and sizes may be a good idea. That huge sheet looks like it only had a few good spots, the rest should have been cut down and trashed, in my opinion.
I also think the large sheet storage needs a good cleaning. I re organized it once, but was a little hesitant on throwing put old stuff because I was a fairly new member. A lot of the pieces in there are dated very old, and it prevents new things from being stored properly.
Perhaps we could go through it, and sort out the old and “forgotten” pieces. Maybe not thrash them, but donate them to the space and current members, with a will be thrown away by this date. Just my suggestion. I would be happy to help clean and organize it again, using whatever recommendations and guidelines the group decides on.


Re: sheet storage:

Can we fix a date to go in and catalog everything in sheet storage that seems abandoned, and make a list of members to contact who’ve got labels on things? How about this Wednesday, the 30th, in the evening?

EDIT: let me rephrase that. I’m going to go on Wednesday evening around 6 or 7 and spend some of my shop time making a list of tagged items in storage that seem ancient. I’ll take photos of the rest and post them to give folks a chance to ID and claim. Anyone who wants to help is welcome!

EDIT 2: There’s an Intro To Woodshop on Wednesday evening, so I’ll go in on Tuesday I guess.

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@gmossessian @jamesmcnees

That’s be awesome if you want to put any items that are tag-less or way past in the area with the ovens that would make them out of the way until we disposition them.

Thanks !

I can be there, on whichever day you decide anytime after 6. Let me know.

I was wondering if there are any plans for the area above that section. Seems mostly unused on the right side. Maybe that could be converted in to some more storage.

Also, while we are doing the large sheet storage clean up, is it okay of we do the same with the large storage on the wall by the cnc router. Not the shelving for people’s projects, but the vertical storage next to that, seems to be in the same condition as the sheet storage.

@jamesmcnees great, I will be glad for the help. I’ve booked a slot on Tuesday (tomorrow) from 6-10:30, so just flag me once you’re there. I’m the guy with a red floral mask over a longish beard.

@jamesmcnees feel free to do all 3 vertical/shelf/sheet storage.

We can discuss adding more storage but It is very difficult to maintain especially if it’s out of sight like that area is.