Scheduling on Skedda with a workshop helper

When we first started using Skedda I understood it to be a way to control how many bodies where in the building for social distancing. And at the last facility tour it was explained to new folks as a way to reserve a table in the workshop so you know you’ll have a space to work.

My question is, if I’ve enlisted another paid member to help me with a project, should we both make separate reservations on skedda so that we account for two people being in the space, or should we make one reservation and note the other member as a guest since we’re both working off the same table?

I want to make sure we’re following the social distancing rules but also not taking more space than we need to if other folks want to reserve that time as well.

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Noting someone as a guest on your reservation means they are there observing/checking things out. If the second person is also doing work/using space and machines, they should make a separate reservation.

i.e. member + guest = still using one tool/workspace only at a time (in part because typically a guest isn’t authorized to use tools because they aren’t members)


Perfect. Thanks!!