Scheduling - Multiple Days and.or Machines/Areas

It looks like it is OK to schedule a laser for multiple days in a week. So is it now OK now to have more than one future reservation of the same piece of equipment or an area?

Lasers - It looks like it now OK to schedule both lasers (Blue and Red) at the same time. Is this correct?
How do you watch both lasers at the same time?

There isn’t a way for us to add these kind of rules in Skedda, just like we couldn’t control it in Google calendars either. The same rules apply as before. Here’s what is written in the Reopen Plan about it

  • Blue/Red laser bookings are max 2.5 hours.
    • We added an extra 30 minutes to the normal booking length to give plenty of time to account for new sanitation expectations.

Although not enforceable through Skedda, we have the same expectations for active bookings on the lasers with only one active booking at a time and a second booking allowed with “bumpable” written in the title of the reservation.

I wonder if we could think about expanding time that people can book on the lasers – it is an odd time, the lasers are busy but not full – and we do want to give people the time they need – I can bring to Reopen team to see if they want to take this up as a topic. Thanks all! @safety