Schedule Trainings for Friday/Saturday?

I’m Joe, a new member, and I’m wanting to receive all of the necessary trainings for lasers—specifically for sheet metal. I read that a custom piece still needs to be fabricated for the sheet metal laser, so I could draw it in MasterCAM and make it at ACC using a HAAS CNC.

Also, due to my school and work schedules, I’m only available to do trainings all day on Friday and Saturday. In addition, I can also do trainings any day of the week if it’s in the morning.

I’m afraid there is bad news about the current custom-built fiber laser effort: The Fiber Laser Project is Over

We are now looking into possibly getting a commercial fiber laser instead, but that will take some time.

@JoeN might be able to help you with your sheet metal lasering depending on his availability.


I teach school so I’m free during the summer. Anyone can send designs and ask questions about how to design for sheet metal to I have bending capabilities. Asmbly will have Bender/Shear/Roll (BSR) up and going in the future. I also have a small hydraulic bender that bend up to 3/8" for a short width.

@JoeN, I already have the file as an IGES that Austin Water Jet used to fabricate my invention, but I want to use a high carbon steel like 1075 instead of 440a. Overall, I’m just trying to save money by fabricating my own inventions in volume.

Do I need to use MasterCAM to generate a laser program or would you prefer me to use a different software?

I hear ya. Lasers and waterjets get expensive quickly. I just need a dxf in mms. Please give me a scale of the hole or the whole object so I know that it didn’t rescale for some reason. The software that runs the machine will do the CAM. Let me know if you have any other questions?