Sawstop won't go to 45 degrees

hello y’all-
I was in the shop today attempting to use the table saw to make 45 degree bevel cuts on the edges of boards, but was unable to get the blade all the way to 45 degrees… I could get it to around 41/42 but no further… Has anyone else experienced this issue, and how can we solve it? Any suggestions or assistance is much appreciated.


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Hello Alex,

Joe and I went to troubleshoot it right after.

It went to 45 deg with no problem at all, on the speedsquare.

How were you measuring this angle?


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i used a speed square and my combo square…
guess we’ll chalk this one up to user error…

thanks for looking into it…

i’ll be in tomorrow, will give it another shot…



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Friendly plug for the Woodshop category in Spaces here :slight_smile: That’s a great spot for posts like this about specific things in the woodshop or other areas listed as spaces (we probably have many more that need to be added under that umbrella).

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noted… going forward will place my discussions in their proper category…



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