Sawstop triggered - 8” Dado

This was reported this AM through the normal process, but I thought I’d share lessons learned. At first, I could not figure out what tripped it. Dado’s were going through like butter. No moisture, not metal. No appendages. Ends up the miter had slightly loosened after numerous passes - probably moved in a tiny amount each pass, until, unnoticed by me, the aluminum guide touched the blade. @CLeininger was able to help troubleshoot this trip. Thanks for the input!

All worked as it should on the SawStop.

I replaced with a new 8” Dado cartridge from WoodCraft. I was using my own dado stack. I was able to continue my project with success. For those that have never tripped and replaced, it is actually pretty straight forward. Just remember to take blade all the way down to re-engage the spring after replacing cartridge and blade.

  • Just a $120 lesson to always check and re-check all connectors every few passes and don’t get complacent on monotonous multi-passes!

Thanks for sharing your experience.

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