Sawstop Just Fired

I just set off the Sawstop. It’s the first time it’s happened to me so I’m not sure what the procedure is for replacing it. I found a new cartridge in the shelves by the miter saw. I left it and one of my own 10" blades out on the Sawstop. Do I pay a fee to replace the cartridge or can I order a new one and leave it at the shop?

if i’m not mistaken they sell them at woodcraft so you can get a replacement there

“New” type. Actually I don’t think they even sell the old type anymore.

There’s 10" saw brake and the 8" dado brake. Make sure you don’t get the dado unless you mean to.

You’ll need to replace the cartridge and the blade. You can pick them up locally (Keegan’s right that they’re usually in stock at Woodcraft) or buy them from our store and we’ll replace out of stewards’ inventory.

The store’s in the member portal - log in and select “Asmbly Store” from the dropdown.

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The brake is in stock at woodcraft, as far as blades go they only have the very expensive ones, just go to home depot for a diablo lol

Get a 40 tooth crosscut Diablo blade at Home Depot.

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Thanks everyone. It’s pretty hard for me to make it up to Woodcraft during business hours so I’ll just purchase the new cartridge and blade through the member portal.

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We’ve mentioned in the forum before that the Rockler store in Round rock just opened, and they have slightly extended hours (by like 1 hr) so that’s another option! But the website is also a very convenient.

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I removed and replaced the cartridge and blade. The triggered assy. was hard to remove due to dust being embedded in the guiding pins. One of the many reasons Sawstops should be kept clean or with proper dust collection. I did adjust everything to where the blade goes all the way down and otherwise. However I could not find the gauge nor did I have a nickel to check the clearance between the blade and the cartridge. It should be withing tolerance since it is running properly. Also I did some adjustments to the
blade throat/insert piece to where is somewhat to where is supposed to be. I could not find the right Allen wrench. I did noticed that the adjusting screws are rather loose so probably with the vibration when the machine is running they tend to move. Probably it would be a good idea to get some blue thread lock on those screws. Also the dust collection is not coming on automatically and suspect is due the circuit breaker being set off. Sorry I did not have the time to properly set everything to where I would have liked but I have to run off to work.


Thanks for doing that and sharing the details here!