Sawstop brake adjustment

The Sawstop brake clearance is important to set correctly when changing blade or brake:

Last I looked, it had been set with far too much clearance. This can increase the time for the brake to stop the blade if it contacts flesh. This means it’s less than the highest degree of protection from injury.

Described as “the width of a US nickel” or “the width of a credit card” (oddly, yes, that’s two somewhat different thicknesses). Of course if it’s WAY too close and the blade contacts the brake, it will fire the brake. It was set at least twice the thickness of a nickel, though.

This shouldn’t logically need to be readjusted when changing blades, as they should all be the same 10". I would expect if it’s set correctly for the 10", it will be correct when changing to a dado blade and cartridge, and back again, but it should be checked. Similarly, Sawstop’s brakes should have consistent tolerances and I’d be surprised if it actually needed to be readjusted for a new cartridge alone.

Most likely case would be that in wriggling out a blade+brake fused together after an emergency stop, it may be helpful to move the brake adjustment to give it more wriggle room, in which case it needs to be set back when replaced.