Sawstop belt came loose and split

The ribbed belt connecting the saw blade to the motor went off track and even split in some places.

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I will come by and take a look this morning. Thank you for letting everyone know. Is the belt completely broken?

it didnt snap and break but it split between the ridges that fit into the grooves on the pulley. Sorry should have taken a photo

For reference…

No worries. Thank you for posting. I saw it this morning. I don’t think we have a spare belt. This is a good opportunity to get new belts and a spares.

Belt Link

It’s just a serpentine belt. Any auto parts store should be able to match it up.

Check the bottom shelf or above the woodshop cabinet there is probably one on there

I’ll order new ones but looks like there backordered so if any one wants to match one somewhere they can get reimbursed

The large belt size is 1307 mm. 8 or 9 ribs? The small belt is a 533 mm ribbed belt

@ericp Arbor Belt

Ordered Should come in on Tuesday

Did the belt come in today? if so has anyone had a chance to repair it?

It says it was delivered

So for those who are more mechanically inclined than I. I attempted to replace the belt for the arbor on the sawstop only to fail. I’ve done everything from sawstops video up until the part where they walk the belt into both pulleys. All the tools I used as well as any pieces such as the motor belt I left on the saw for the next person that takes on the task. Also the belt is still looped behind both pulleys in the arbor mount through the saw cabinet on the left.

I will take a look this afternoon

I just watched the Sawstop change belts video. Wow that is overly complicated. I remember when I changed the belts on my dad’s table saw. I think it was less than 10 secs. It also wasn’t a Sawstop or as safe.

Yeah. So its understandable why i was so gung ho on trying to fix it myself. I mean I’ve rebuilt engines before how hard can it be? They sure fooled me. It would be so much easier if you could remove the arbor to do it.

It shows how difficult it is when the part that the 6 minute video spends the most time on them getting the belt back on the pulleys. That and the fact that when you are replacing it their method of removing it is to use a box cutter and just cut it off.

After fiddling with it. I am pretty sure we have the wrong diameter belt. Also Sawstop claims that a genuine sawstop belt disperses static.

the old one is there. hmmm thats the same belt as the one on the sawstop website.
did you compare the two because the old one is there too

These belts MUST come from Sawstop, they’re an integral part of the brake system. This isn’t something to hunt up from a common supplier, it can erroneously fire the brake

Sawstop says they’re in stock.