Sawstop and the large amount of dust

So for some reason last night I decided to open the side door of the SawStop and to my surprise, I find about 3 small vacuum’s worth of sawdust that has accumulated in the cabinet. After vacuuming it all out I also found that the swing door that goes on the side of the blade had fallen off and also the cause. Whoever did any kind of maintenance on the saw never replaced the hose for the dust collector so it was face down in the bottom of the cabinet.

The internal hose does a lot of flexing from lifting and changing the angle. It can come off. It’s important to get it high on the port and get the hose clamp tight. It’s a bit difficult to get right

Someone broke the door off of it’s hinge a week ago. It can be placed in position, but doesn’t hold well. Eric has a replacement on order.

I glued a magnet to the bottom outside of it towards the front of the table so it holds pretty good for the time being.

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I came in today and saw the table saw was kicking up a lot of dust (but wasn’t last night?). The auto collection on the saw side wasn’t opening.

I’ve manually kept it open for now as I don’t know much else on how to calibrate

Both bag and bin are less than a 1/4 full

Check the door along side the blade.
Check the hose inside the saw.

I cleared both the hose and made sure the door is there earlier.

Seems the only problem (besides the temporary door) is that the auto hose gate wasn’t opening

The ivac automatic blast gate has a black rubber rocker switch with “ON”/“AUTO”/“OFF” positions. It’s supposed to be in AUTO. A few times I’ve found it set to OFF, which of course means it won’t open nor start the dust collection system. I don’t know how it got set that way, I guessed it was just bumped.

I did check it tonight, it was set correctly and working correctly at that time.

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