Sanding Area Refresh!

You may notice that the large sanding table disappeared. It will be replaced with a new Grizzly sanding table that is about half the size. A floor mount spindle sander recently arrrived, and a standing belt / disc sander is on it’s way. Power and dust collection needs to be routed. Once done, we will have a comprehensive sanding capability:
Hand sanding downdraft table (you will still use a vacuum attached to a power sander)
Standing Belt / Disc sander
Standing Spindle Sander
Edge Sander
Supermax 25/50 drum sander
Powermatic 38" belt sander

We will be offering a surface prep class to cover all of these machines. Particularly the drum, large belt and edge sander.




Stoked about this! Let me know if I can help out at all setting things up. I know we’ll all appreciate the improvements.


@jamesfreeman You have a volunteer! Thanks, John!

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Very exciting!!!

Let me know when as well and I can try and get there to help

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The Delta spindle sander is all set! I added some details about it to its wiki page. Only real thing to note is that the angle gauge on the front isn’t perfect, but there are adjustable stops at 90° and 45°.


Thanks @JohnWickham for getting this up and running.

I started putting together the Powermatic belt/disk sander but did not finish. The base part is done. The work tables need to be installed and aligned. I did not have aything to remove the protective oil film. I hate to inform you that the holding knob for the bonet on top was already broken when i opened the box. I dont think is a deal breaker but i did not have any tools handy to try to get the broken bolt out. Anyway, Monday i should finish it if no one else gets on it. The spindle sander may need a tad of oil is at the minimum level. I dropped a bolt inside the housing and when i went to retrieve it, my hand came out covered in oil so I checked the level. Also there were some bolts and some trinket loose in there. I put them on top of the manual. The parts for the belt/disk sander are on the black cart (two work tables, miter, 6x36 sand belt, 14" sand disk, and two allen screws. Also the broken knob is in the cup holder of the cart.

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posting for @JOSEGAYTAN


Thanks, Jose!

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It’s going to be so amazing to upgrade to durable sanding machines!


Correction the sanding belt is 6 X 48 and the disk is 12." I was in a hurry trying to do the heads up message before leaving the shop and all the way home i kept thinking I fdup something and surely i did. In case people want to get a finer grit (not sure if the shop is going to have them on hand) belt remember 6" X 48." Most shops have 60 grit on the disk and either 80 or 60 grit on the belt. The logic is that the belt is easily changed versus the disk is a fixed or one time use and much harder to use. Maintenance wise the most crucial point is the slider on the leveling pulley (top) has to be lubricated often. Good quality high temp grease works best, any lubricant that is sprayed is no bueno. For the spindle sander 90 weight gear oil should be on hand and checked once or so a month. For the most part it doesnt need replenished unless someone tilts the machine when trying to move it. The biggest problem with spindle sanders: left handed threads (to install on the motor and on top of the rubber paded spindles) and the holders for the spindles are metal that burs the bottom threads or the morse taper of the spindle. Marking the machine somehow with a directional arrow acompanied by the word “loose” may help. The holders could be improved by making bigger holes and put a rubber or silicon insert to hold the spindles. An alternative a wooden holder that can mount on the existing metal holder.

Thanks for doing all of this!

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Is there a prognosis on the Powermatic wide belt sander being ready for use? I have a couple of coffee tables ready to sand. Thanx

The machine is wired and waiting on the dust collection parts. We need to extend the 8in main trunk and split off a 6in y. Parts ha e been ordered. It also needs a dedicated airline, but the overhead drops work for now.

Thanx. A couple weeks?

Hopefully this weekend? I do believe there will be a checkout/ class for all the new sanders. @David should know more.

Is the Powermatic wide belt sander being ready for use? Thanx

Is there also an update regarding the oscillating drum sander? I’d even settle for the old Rigid oscillating drum sander.

The sanders are waiting in dust collection.

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