Sanding Area Refresh!

You may notice that the large sanding table disappeared. It will be replaced with a new Grizzly sanding table that is about half the size. A floor mount spindle sander recently arrrived, and a standing belt / disc sander is on it’s way. Power and dust collection needs to be routed. Once done, we will have a comprehensive sanding capability:
Hand sanding downdraft table (you will still use a vacuum attached to a power sander)
Standing Belt / Disc sander
Standing Spindle Sander
Edge Sander
Supermax 25/50 drum sander
Powermatic 38" belt sander

We will be offering a surface prep class to cover all of these machines. Particularly the drum, large belt and edge sander.




Stoked about this! Let me know if I can help out at all setting things up. I know we’ll all appreciate the improvements.


@jamesfreeman You have a volunteer! Thanks, John!

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Very exciting!!!

Let me know when as well and I can try and get there to help

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