Sanders and Sandpaper sizes

Would someone be able to list the sandpaper sizes for the various sanding tools? I’m mostly interested in what size belt sander is at asmbly. But i figure listing all the sanding tools and their corresponding paper types/sizes could be helpful for many new/incoming members. Or if there’s already a list, where might it be found?

-Belt Sander

-Drum Sander

-Disc Sander



Most of our tools are listed in the wiki, and most of the sanders have size info as well. Here’s the page for the woodshop tools:

Just to make it easier:
Disc – 10" and 6"
Belt – 4x36"
Belt grinder (for metal) – 2"x72"
Drum - 25-50
and we have some spindle sanders as well


Very helpful. Thank you!!