[SALE ENDED] Hardwood sale in the Left Loft area 🪵

We had a large sum of hardwoods donated by a former member a while back and are now offering some of it up to members to purchase at really sweet deals! The past few days, the sale has been open exclusively to members who are vending in the upcoming Asmbly Maker Market (12/10-12/11), but starting tomorrow (Tues 11/22) it will be open to all members.

By and large, we’re operating on the honor system with this one – you are welcome to shop on your own time without a leader there. If you want to pay by credit card, you can use this form here. If you want to use cash or check (made out to Asmbly Makerspace), please email leadership@asmbly.org to coordinate. If you see a Membership Coordinator (@mkmiller6 or @ashleyrlee) or a leader (@cfstaley, @jamesfreeman, @David, @Jon, @wdnatx, or myself) at the space, you can give your payment to them to take.

The prices are very generously low, so please do right by your community and be honest with your payments. If we see wood disappear without payment submitted, we will find out who did it and the offending person(s) is likely to have their membership terminated.

This is not an “everything must go” sale, we’re just wanting to extend a sweet deal to Asmbly makers to help make it easier for everyone to make cool stuff with beautiful materials. Whatever items we have left, we will reprice for the market next month.

Please note this sale is ONLY for items on the LEFT SIDE of the loft. The loft area to the right is paid storage. Do not take anything from this area. Also note, this sale is also only for wood. Other items in this loft area (dust collection supplies, Dewalt tools) are not for sale. Everything should have a price tag (except for the $5 bin shown in pics below).

Here’s a look at what’s up there –

This bin pictured above with unmarked pieces is the $5 bin – each item in here is $5/pc

This piece here is really stunning and looks like a cross section of a brain. I would so love to see someone make an art piece for a neurologist or some other brain lover with this one. Wish I had time to do so myself! Really cool unique one! :heart_eyes:


Grabbed some boards today! (paid through the link above). Was hoping that big spalted slab was still there - someone got a good deal for $40!


I thought about picking it up but I decided to pass since I didn’t have a great plan for it so I wanted someone else to have it

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That was me! Excited to use it in a project.


Hope you share the result! It’s perfect for a small table top

Any of this left? I’m just seeing this post

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I see some cool stuff left; still deciding what/if to take any.

A couple specimen look interesting to me, but I don’t have the wood-ID experience to recognize them and I don’t see labels. Anyone got an informed guess on either of these?

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I believe that first one is yaya/lati/white wenge (Lati | The Wood Database (Hardwood)). Not quite sure about the second one.

It almost looks like quartersawn white oak to me. Though I cant quite tell the coloring from the pics.

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That first one, you should be able to tell from the end grain. Looks like white oak to me, but if the end grain looks like this it could be Lati like Valerie mentioned

The second, I can’t really tell without seeing a freshly planed face… if I had to guess I would say it could be walnut, or mahogany

Good call @gordoa40! My initial response was biased because I remembered we had some yaya up there, but we did have some white oak up there as well I believe. That’s a handy thing to know about telling the difference from the end grain, I didn’t know that. :blush:

I was tempted to guess mahogany on the second one too, but am so used to seeing it in that very straight ribbon pattern that I didn’t feel too confident on that one.


I went back today and checked out the endgrain. I’m obviously no expert, but this looks rather white-oaky to me…

I was very very tempted to claim that piece since one of the broad faces of it has gorgeous tiger striping patterns on it, but I already took more pieces of wood than I actually have projects for at the moment. :cowboy_hat_face:

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Thanks for posting an end grain pic!! I love learning these little ID tricks :heart:

The tiger striping on that one is really exceptional!