Safety course - metal shop

Hi @JoeN & @EricP ,

I am interested in getting trained in the metal shop, particularly mig welding and metal cutting. I have a project for building 6 chairs for my new table. I bought the steel and would only need the training to get started in the metal shop. When do you think we could fit a time for the course?

I am available pretty much all week, at any time - except on the weekend. I know @da5idii is also interested in the course and has availability too.

Thank you guys and see you soon.


Hey @axel. I will put you and 2 other people on the list to do the mig welding class and metal shop class. I can have a class this sat at 11?

I am available then, what PPE is required/recommended for the class?

Thanks Joe for your response. Unfortunately I won’t be available tomorrow because we’re celebrating my graduation at my place. Any chance we could push this during the week? Even in the evening would work for me.

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I can do another class tuesday. How about 4pm?

Tuesday (8/11) 4pm also works for me

Yes Tuesday at 4pm works great for me too. Thank you!

So, just so I am clear, you are not planning on having a class tomorrow (8/8) morning, and I will see everyone Tuesday (8/11) at 4pm?

Sorry I forgot to just make the class on Tues. I will start scheduling more after Tues.
There was a question about ppe. I will provide the third helmet, jackets and gloves. We have two helmets in the metal shop. The welding shirt and gloves are difficult to sanitize. I would recommend looking at your own welding gloves and shirt. Northern tool has stuff nearby. There is always Amazon.

I forgot to ask if anyone tomorrow who is attending has mig welded recently? If you have. I can do a walkthrough. If you have not welded recently or ever welded. The mig welding class is $85. The metal shop safety is included in the price.

I am proficient in arc welding, and have done some flux core MIG welding

Hi Joe, I have also mig welded recently, last time was about 3 weeks ago. I think I would just need the metal shop safety course for tomorrow.

Great we will do a walk through of the metal shop then. See everyone at 4

Is there going to be another class? I have no experience welding and cutting, though have worked with sheet metal a bit.

@JoeN tagging

I can put on a class next Wednesday at 5pm. The class is for persons who have never mig welded or have had a long layoff from welding. We can safely have 3 students.

-Class fee is $80 total. $60 to me. $20 to Hackerspace. You can pay the full amount to me to lessen the burden on you. I will write one check to Hackerspace.


-venmo: @Joe_Ngo

-Dress: Natural fiber long pants(ie cotton or wool), natural fiber shirt, and closed toe shoes

-If you have a project and want to bring it in.


  1. Safety

  2. Basic setup of the welder
    -power on
    -setup gas
    -change wire
    -clean nozzle

  3. How to weld beads.

  4. How to tack weld

  5. Weld a butt, tee, and overlap joint

  6. Cover the use of the tools in the metal shop

  7. Learn how to use the plasma cutter

  8. Cover cleanup

-I will provide the welding clothing and the extra helmet. If you want your own clothing which is recommended. I would look at Northern Tool, Amazon, or local welding supply store.

If anyone is interested in this class. Let me know? It is happening tomorrow at 5pm

I’m interested, but I have a conference call every other Wednesday, and this is the week. Please let me know when you schedule another.

I’m going to cancel this class since no one else chimed in. @cfstaley I will get another class on soon.

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tagging @gordoa40 @calebta107 as they’re interested – Teachers, until we get situated on Neon and calendars, to prevent confusion, can we write the class time and date here so it’s clear for everybody, and people can sign up for the date they’re interested in? I think when we can get a group of 3 who can make it, that’s when we can run the class. Is that right, @JoeN?