Rubber stamps on the laser

finally had the time slot to test this out and yall were right, laser is definitely easier than the cnc. and i have to say it was even easier than i had expected

for anyone curious, this is the material i used

i made these on dorian with these settings:

100% power

100% power

additionally, you have to ramp the edges to keep them more stable so your design doesn’t get all smudgy. double click your fill layer and go to the advanced tab and you’ll find “ramp outer edge” tickbox, which is tickable after you enter a value in “ramp”

also don’t forget to mirror your stamp if it matters, which i did…lol


Those are great results! Thanks for sharing this


Whoa, that looks great! Thanks for sharing. Now to 3d print/CNC/lathe handles for them? :smiley:


Thanks so much for sharing your settings! I have this material and have had lasering stamps on my to do list and haven’t gotten around to it. You’ve taken away most all my excuses for delaying trying it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

@doyoudig you might want to take note of these settings!


For these test samples, I made a handle by cutting out 2 plywood circles a bit bigger than the stamp, glued the stamp to one, then screwed the other to a dowel, and finally glued those two circles together. This way the screw head is buried between those layers and won’t interfere with the stamp itself

Down the line I’ll prob make some more interesting handles

I have been milling down off cuts that my wife uses as canvases for her painting. The one time we sold at a market, a lot of people thought they were stamps, so now we might actually just make them into stamps


Here’s a better pic of the profile

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That’s really cool! I kinda wanna try it. I usually resin 3D print stamps but they aren’t flexible so not great for ink