Router table issue

Today while using the router table the entire router dropped on me mid cut. It was still on it’s vertical track but the bolt for the height adjustment came free from the adjuster screw on top. I threaded it back together and snugged it a bit and it’s good but it seems this could be a reoccurring issue. Is there any reason why a dab of loctite on the threads in the height adjuster bolt would be a bad idea?


Sorry that happened during your cut. Loctite is not a bad idea.

What about refreshing the underside of the router table. When adjusting downward, I need to press on the router, as it sometimes drops 1/8" or so. Sometimes. Also, following an edge, it can be inconsistent. The inconsistency can also be due to the material not being truly flat, but I have had pieces that seem to have a steady progression out of alignment, from one end to the other. It’s pretty clear that the hex nuts are very worn.

@cfstaley if you want to send me links or the thread size I can order nylocks nuts for it.


I think I’ve experienced this as well. I’ve noticed the bolt sometimes like to stay put while the nut keeps going.
I’ve just made sure the bolt is seated as far as it can go and gave me the correct distance to go down.
Don’t know if this is exactly what you experienced or if I’m describing correctly.

Edit: For sure the lock nut/assembly is worn.

Regardless, I have needed to make very shallow cuts
(1/4-1/8") and it really cuts it close to the end of the threads when getting near the bottom…

That happened to me too the first time I used it. I too tried to lower a tall bit. It was not able to go down enough an router exceeded the threading and fell off. I think the threaded rod needs to be longer. Also, the nut on the lock falls off if loosened too much. Check before you start that the locking ring is on the shaft and not fallen free or you will not get it to lock. This is not just a loose nut. It is a design flaw. We need to place a stop on the locking shaft so that the lock doesn’t fall off when loosened. I had some ideas for a fix. Christmas just got in the way.

It may be time for a new mechanism. There’s something wrong with almost every piece of the mechanism as it is. We might consider a different type.

Sounds good @Fmartin pick one out and send me the link.

Thought about a shaper vs a router?

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Being that I’ve recently spent ~$150 on router bits I’d have to vote router. :joy:

I’m on it. Will begin researching it

Fred Martin

I was thinking along the same lines as @dannym – maybe a shaper would be more appropriate for our shop? We could ease the transition by getting a router collet for it too – small bits wouldn’t like the lower RPM, but the big (expensive) ones would work fine.

Something with effective dust collection for sure, and I suspect a safety argument could be made for outfitting it with a power feeder too.