Router table feather boards?

Is there a vertical feather board, or Jess-em roller type fixture for the router table fence? It isn’t set up for one at the moment, and I didn’t think to dig through the various fixtures lying around in the shop. I’m going to be routing out several door frames and would rather have a feather board. My trial run showed that the shaper bits really like to lift the stock off of the table.


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I am making a new router fence. It has some T track installed on top of it. I had planned on making some feather boards with a T bolt on them and some stop blocks which could attach. I also thought another pair which attached to the T track which exists on the table top. I was just going to make them out of wood. I am out of town now. Was going to finish the router fence first, then make some accessories. Do you need them really soon? Sorry I just realize this is an old post. I guess as you’ve already done it.

I’ll be using it again at some point. That’s always a nice upgrade.