Router Table Difficulty

I was using the router last night (9/13) and would set it perfectly how I needed it, only for it to shift several minutes in. Had to keep re-adjusting the height/ tightening the bolt. I ended up quitting halfway through my project out of frustration. I’ve used the router many times, not sure why I was having this problem.

The router can do that sometimes, especially of you use the red handled wrench. We moved to the red offset wrench, because the wide flats next to the shaft were wearing. That didn’t work long. Now it’s best to use the smaller wrench on the flats along the shaft, and the larger wrench on the collet. Forget the offset wrench. You also have to torque it down pretty hard. I haven’t experienced any drift since moving to the smaller open end wrench. If you are using the two standard open face wrenches, then maybe it’s time for new router.

I’m also assuming you’re locking the lift mechanism.

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I was locking it every time yes! Thank you for your input. Do u think perhaps the collit needs replacing?

Possibly it does. But the router exhibited this behavior before, and it requires torquing heavily on the wrenches. It sounds to me like it’s just getting worse. It gets expensive when it chews through a bunch of nice wood. @EricP Looks like it’s time for a new router body for the table.

Oh is that why my wood has been splintering off in big chunks when using the router? I thought it was just bad wood but it’s Hickory which is a dense wood. Actually this last time I used the router my wood actually got stuck on the bit, it was a little scary in the moment but I managed to dislodge it safely.

How much wood are you trying to remove and with what type of bit? The bit getting stuck can be because you are trying to remove too much wood in one pass.

That’s a good point on how much.
I was cutting a groove, and the groove was lifting up. The bit was lifting up, out of the collet, because it was not tight enough. If you are taking chunks out, I’m not sure it’s because the bit is lifting. It sounds like what Dash is mentioning, you are trying to cut off too much. It can also be you are cutting against the grain. Combined with cutting too deep, it can exacerbate the issue.

If you are cutting too deep, you can do a couple of things, depending on the type of cut you are trying to make. If you are using a template, mark out the template with a pencil, and rough cut on the band saw, to within 1/8 inch. The closer the better.

If you are cutting profiles, you can lift the bit 1/8" at a time. If you are moving the fence, the Incra Jig fence can move in 1/32 increments. If you are using a bearing, you can still use the Incra Jig for the initial cuts before resting fully on the bearing.

Finally, check your grain direction. Cut with the grain, not against it. Sometimes it’s unavoidable. I have cut a lot of pecan, which is a hickory, and sometimes, it just chips out. Small knots, end grains, against the grain, etc…

I was using a 1/4 radius rounding bit to finish an edge.

Sure, feel free to install the dewalt hand router in its place and or just send me a link for another one that fits from

Thanks @EricP

Looks like we may not be too the bottom of this issue yet.

@tiffschill is the depth of the profile changing? That was my original interpretation.
Or, are you just getting a lot of tear out?

If tear out, this can try to orient grain direction, and/or use one of the methods I mentioned earlier about changing cutting depth. Use a few passes, cutting deeper each time.

One more thing, if the end grain is the biggest issue, you might want a coping sled with a sacrificial piece behind the work piece.

Also what speed is the dial on the side of the router set to?

I may be speaking out of turn here, but if memory serves me correctly, Tiffany does a lot of “production” work. I imagine the routing she’s talking about is something pretty familiar to her, and the problems are something new.

Once again, I could be wrong about this.

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That is definitely information I was unaware of. Thanks for the info @jamesmcnees. It very well may need to be replaced then.