Router Adapter for Track Saw Guide

Do we have a router adapter for one of the track saw guides? I just figured I’d check here first since we have random jigs and accessories throughout the shop. These aren’t expensive and might be nice to have around

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We do not. Not that I’m aware of.

One can be printed.
Most of these things are.

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Thanks! I figured they were fairly simple to make on the printer. I haven’t taken the certification class on the 3d printers yet but hope to soon

@ashleyrlee @Devmani Can you guys help us print one of these?

My immediate concern is someone using a standard clamp to hold down the track, and permanently distorting the track. There have been many things done in the shop that are not conducive to long tool life. At any rate, if we go this route, we’ll want to consider track clamps. Like these. These Wen clamps are supposed to be compatible with Makita tracks.

I actually have a pair of those that I’ll never use. I’ll bring em in. I also don’t really recommend them. But free is free.

The MFT clamps (the red veiko one’s) work. Or even the microjig’s.
But as always you can get some overzealous people severely over-tightening. I guess those wen style clamps guard against over tightening. I’ll leave em in the tracksaw systainer today.


That’s a good place for them, thanks. Guarding against overzealousness (or against “tighter is always better”) is a constant struggle.

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If i remember correctly the micro jig doesn’t fit in makita/Festool tracks

I got a pair of these and they fit and work great for a lot more than just clamping the track.

You can also just use that bora straight edge or a box level do to the same thing