Rotary Laser - No Corel Draw

I worked as part of the team to get the Rotary Laser up a year ago.

Then waited 6+ months to get a computer connected to it.

Now have been waiting 5+ months for Corel Draw to be added to the machine.

When are we going to get Corel Draw added to the Rotary Laser control computer?

Christmas season 2020 is long gone for last year, I didn’t get to use it.

Christmas 2021 is fast approaching again.

Yes I could attempt to learn Illustrator but I do not have Illustrator at home.

We do not have a computer with Illustrator and Corel Draw to learn on and convert files, other than the computers for RED and Blue and any time on those machines would count to the limited time available. All my files are in Corel Draw and the ones I would create would be in Corel Draw at home. Illustrator does not use Corel files.

And No Inkscape is not a viable option.

Hi, Harlan,

I feel your pain, at least a little bit. As you know, I took a swing at getting the rotary laser workflow updated and documented last year. Unfortunately, life got in the way, so I let that project slide by the wayside. I’m not really sure what the latest status is, but I agree that it would be nice to have both Illustrator and Corel options available.

I also like the idea of having a dedicated machine for graphic art work / file conversion, similarly to how we have VCarve Makespace Edition licensed on a machine.

@EricP, maybe you can give us an update, please? Do we have anyone actively volunteering on this project? Is getting additional software and/or an art computer set up viable?

No one is working on it currently the next step is to integrate with the red or blue laser class. Someone who wants to help train the teachers can reach out to @wynd and he can help coordinate.

I have a extra dell that can be used to be dedicated, all’s it needs is a volunteer to install SSD/windows10/ software.

As for Corel I can probably get one next week, same deal needs a volunteer to install it.

I’m going to look for my corel license.

Eric, I can install Corel when you get it, if I can get Admin access.